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What is so great about Emotional Balance?

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Ever have that feeling of being stressed, worried, or anxious and not being able to move through that into a place of calm? Our emotions have a powerful impact on how we think and feel and perceive the world. 

When we are stressed, it's difficult to connect with others and with ourselves in a healthy way. Anxiety and worry can make it difficult to think clearly. Stress can give rise to critical inner voices.  

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Reconnecting Emotional Balance is about finding a place of inner stability and learning to maintain that throughout everyday life.  Clients experience an increased ability to feel calm, centered and peaceful. 


My name is Jennifer Matson

It is my mission to empower each client to achieve their goals of emotional, mental, and physical wellness.  I started treating clients using hypnosis, an excellent and effective tool. Over the years, I have gone on to learn other modalities and skills, one of them being the elegant versatility of sound. Now, I exercise the benefits of hypnosis, nervous system soothing practices, and sound to balance the nervous system. The methods used are not only to bring a person into a state of regulation, but also to teach the individual how to more and more occupy a space of regulation within themselves.

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Jennifer Matson, Emotional Balancing Coach and Sound Healer

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Sanctuary Woodinville

Cottage Lake

Tel:  206-920-2309


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