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Ever have that feeling of being stressed, worried, or anxious and not being able to move through that into a place of calm? Our emotions have a powerful impact on how we think and feel and perceive the world. 

When we are stressed, it's difficult to connect with others and with ourselves in a healthy way. Anxiety and worry can make it difficult to think clearly. Stress can give rise to critical inner voices.  

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Reconnecting Emotional Balance is about finding a place of inner stability and learning to maintain that throughout everyday life.  Clients experience an increased ability to feel calm, centered and peaceful. 

It's Here!!

Singing Bowl Chakra Program -

Spring 2024

Are you ready to enhance your life with the power of chakras? Do you want to learn how to balance your energy centers and achieve harmony in your mind, body and spirit? If you answered YES, then you need to enroll in this Singing Bowl Chakra Program today!


Podcast Interview with Jenny

Hear Jenny speak about sound healing and explain the benefits of vibration on the body, mind and spirit.


My name is Jennifer Matson

It is my mission to empower each client to achieve their goals of emotional, mental, and physical wellness.  I started treating clients using hypnosis, an excellent and effective tool. Over the years, I have gone on to learn other modalities and skills, one of them being the elegant versatility of sound. Now, I exercise the benefits of hypnosis, nervous system soothing practices, and sound to balance the nervous system. The methods used are not only to bring a person into a state of regulation, but also to teach the individual how to more and more occupy a space of regulation within themselves.

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Jennifer Matson, Emotional Balancing Coach and Sound Healer

What Others Are Saying

"Jennifer is gentle, knowlegable and very compassionate Biofield tuner. I have had two visits and have felt a great relief in my body after these sessions. I am looking forward to my third appointment. I highly recommend. Jennifer is a blessing." Laura Hayward


"I have really struggled with myself and so many hurdles for such a long time. I have been to other therapy sessions and never had that connection. The moment I walked in to see Jennifer I felt that connection. I have come far in the last 2 months and I have really utilized the tools she has shown me. I can't wait to continue my journey with Jennifer!"  Kendra Rider


"I don't think I have enough vocabulary to truly express how wonderful Jenny is, and how helpful and healing it has been working with her. I had my first session with Jenny last summer (August 2021) and have been seeing her somewhat regularly ever since. I had never worked with a therapist before, but decided to see one after going through a rough period personally. Through her breathing and meditation teachings, Jenny has helped me become more centered, more calm, and more at ease. Things that had bothered me before now don't. Stuff that used to make me anxious and stressed almost seems like a distant memory. And my own negative mental chatter has greatly quieted. I always look forward to my sessions with Jenny like I would look forward to meeting up with an old friend. She is a blessing!"  Holly Yee

"I so enjoy Jenny's wonderful sound healings! I always leave feeling lighter and more grounded. Her space is cozy and welcoming. More and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of this kind of work on so many levels."  Georgia Cammann

"Went in not knowing what to expect. I don't do a lot of meditation work, but a friend thought I might enjoy the sound bowl healing because of my musical background. The process was very clear and straightforward so I didn't feel out of place. Jenny put me at ease right away and I had a great experience. I'm still feeling the benefits of it a day later."  Rachel Heath, Local Guide

"I was blessed to find Jennifer. I believe she is a gifted healer. Working with her has left me feeling stronger and more in touch with my inner power.
I really enjoyed Biofield Tuning sessions and afterwards I felt more present and noticed that I was breathing more freely. I also tried hypnotherapy and it brought up some strong emotions that needed to be released. At the beginning of one session Jenny used a short NLP technique for me, and I was amazed how quickly my state of being shifted from anxious and tense to confident and relaxed.  Thank you, Jenny!"  Anna S.





"I had my first hypnotherapy session with Jenny four months ago when I found myself unable to deal with daily stress on top of what was happening with the pandemic. I met with her weekly for 6 weeks and she was able to peel back the layers of my situation & help me regain my footing. Within weeks I found myself lighter, happier, more resilient & present with my family.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have found such a gifted, warm & wise healer! She’s incorporated hypnotherapy, sound healing & breath work techniques that have made a profound impact in my life in such a short amount of time. I have chosen to continue with her monthly because I truly enjoy doing this type of self work. I cannot recommend her enough!"  Allison Erickson


"I recently had the pleasure of working with Jennifer who truly helped me in my journey of self-discovery and provided me with valuable life tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

She made me feel heard, seen, and understood. She created a safe and non-judgmental space where I felt comfortable sharing my concerns. She helped me identify patterns in my behavior and thought processes that were holding me back from living a fulfilling life.

I was guided through various techniques and helped me develop a daily practice that has been life-changing. I now feel more present, centered, and grounded in my day-to-day life.Overall, working with Jen has been an incredibly positive experience. She has helped me uncover aspects of myself that I never knew existed and has given me the tools I need to navigate life with more ease and grace. I am truly grateful for her guidance and support and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth."   Christabelle Soriano


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Tel:  206-920-2309


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