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This page highlights some of the events and workshops going on at Sanctuary Woodinville and online.  Double click on the text or image to learn about our compelling offerings.

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May 22 & 23, 2024

They say we only use 10% of our brain… what if the other 90% is our body?  Personal Geometry is a body based modality that will help you access your own, and your clients, somatic intelligence in minutes.  Using body mapping and spatial relationship, access what you need to see and know to shift addiction patterns, sexual difficulties, family issues or trauma.  One session of this highly effective method can be even more effective than years of traditional or even alternative therapy by giving the body language to express all that it knows.  Learn More

Chakra Level 2

Starts September 17, 2024

Take a deeper dive into the aspects of each chakra that effect your life through the beliefs you hold and the experiences you've had.  Learn to recognize old belief structures and identify negative influences, giving you the ability to empower yourself for positive change.  And have a great time doing it!  Must have completed level 1 to take the level 2 course.  Learn More

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