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Client Reviews

Mark Howley

10 Points

I never considered hypnotherapy and arrived with skeptical thoughts. I was so so wrong and I signed just signed up for 5 additional sessions!! Obviously it helps and Jennifer is awesome


Anna D

5 Points

Jennifer Matson is a rare gem of healing prowess. She's totally down-to-earth and human, but when the time comes, her transmission is impeccable. The tone in her voice and her way with sound healing combines to make magic... Working with her hypnotherapy package has supported me through a very crunchy time as my work transitions through Covid times. Every time I listen to my custom-made audio meditation, I am transported on healing waters, and able to relax as I need to to make this shift in my thinking & open to a new and beautiful life path. Thank you so much!!


Holly Yee

42 reviews·5 photos

11 months ago

I don't think I have enough vocabulary to truly express how wonderful Jenny is, and how helpful and healing it has been working with her. I had my first session with Jenny last summer (August 2021) and have been seeing her somewhat regularly ever since. I had never worked with a therapist before, but decided to see one after going through a rough period personally. Through her breathing and meditation teachings, Jenny has helped me become more centered, more calm, and more at ease. Things that had bothered me before now don't. Stuff that used to make me anxious and stressed almost seems like a distant memory. And my own negative mental chatter has greatly quieted. I always look forward to my sessions with Jenny like I would look forward to meeting up with an old friend. She is a blessing!

Maricela Cano

1 review

a year ago

Jennifer is the most beautiful woman I have work with her heart and soul are just unique if you need help or going true a hard moment or experience in your life please see her you will thank me later. I was going true a hardest experience of my life that I felt I was dying and my heart was broken in thousand pieces I just couldn't see the light, but the universe always is going to put the right people to help you see and connect with your spirit so that you can heal and I found Jennifer she save my life and so you can. if you really need a lovely, and unique spirit guide healer Jennifer is the best of the best.


10 Points

I went to Jenny for help with feeling stuck and not moving forward with my life. You have to stick with her and her gifts she brings to her sessions and you must be patient for results I walked in one day feeling like a weight I had been carrying for a long time had been lifted. More opportunities are beginning to open and I feel a lot happier than when I started my sessions and I'm continuing my journey with Jenny. Jenny is patient and works with you where you are at in life she is not a judgemental person . I really like the bowl that she places on my back and the fork tunning and all the other activities she is getting you involved in the session so she doesn't just sit there and stare at the clock it's very good experience.and you feel heard


Tom L.

10 Points

These meetups were all great. I made it to six of the eight scheduled meetups in this series. I'm sorry that I missed two of them but got the full benefit out of all I went to. If you miss one it doesn't reduce the benefit received from the next one.


Christabelle Soriano

3 reviews·5 photos

3 months ago

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jennifer who truly helped me in my journey of self-discovery and provided me with valuable life tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

She made me feel heard, seen, and understood. She created a safe and non-judgmental space where I felt comfortable sharing my concerns. She helped me identify patterns in my behavior and thought processes that were holding me back from living a fulfilling life.

I was guided through various techniques and helped me develop a daily practice that has been life-changing. I now feel more present, centered, and grounded in my day-to-day life.

Overall, working with Jen has been an incredibly positive experience. She has helped me uncover aspects of myself that I never knew existed and has given me the tools I need to navigate life with more ease and grace. I am truly grateful for her guidance and support and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Jamie y

10 Points

Jenny is amazing! I worked with her during some big challenges and she was always very understanding, respectful and positive. I felt at peace the moment I entered her studio space. She has a real gift and I would recommend her to anyone looking to heal and grow!


Keith S.

10 Points

A safe and loving place to explore your inner self.  Thank you for another wonderful journey.



3 reviews

7 months ago

I so enjoy Jenny's wonderful sound healings! I always leave feeling lighter and more grounded. Her space is cozy and welcoming. More and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of this kind of work on so many levels.

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