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Reconnecting Emotional Balance

What's it like to have emotional balance? 

Emotional balance is the ability to feel and process emotions in a healthy way. In reconnecting emotional balance, we will get insight into frontline obstacles to connection and learn tools to enhance reconnection, balance, and resilience. What are the internal beliefs and experiences that keep you from being fully present and happy.  Turn that feeling of overwhelm into one of self advocacy. Through this work, gain a sense of groundedness and confidence, compassion and forgiveness.


List of Common Reasons to Seek Emotional Balancing


  • Anxiety and Stress Management

  • Fears (including persistent fears that disrupt daily activities)

  • Doubts

  • Confidence Building

  • Pain Control and Pain Management

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Addictions

  • Weight Management

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Test Taking

  • Decision Making

  • Many, many more


Gather knowledge, wisdom and understanding about yourself and the world around you.  Find your deeper self, explore what you believe and why, develop your core values.  Why is this important?  Mainly because the more we know ourselves, the stronger we are.  And the stronger we are, the less the vagarities and turmoils that swirl around us in life have the ability to effect us negatively.  Imagine being able to say what you want without fear or guilt. Envision getting to know your true self and really liking who that person is. It is how we are all meant to be.


Packages and Pricing

Individual sessions are 75 minutes in length and $120.

Reconnecting Emotional Balance: 


Includes 5 session, each 75 minutes in length.  These sessions are to be done every week or every other week until they are complete.  All sessions must be used within one year.  The session can include any of the modalities currently practiced by Jennifer Matson such as hypnosis, NLP, Biofield Tuning, Sound Healing, Reiki, coaching practices and more.

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