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Sound Healing January 17 2021

A new year is unfolding and we stand at the threshold of change. What do you want to manifest in the new year? On a personal level, a family and community level, on a world level? Each person, no matter who you are, is essentially a physical body animated by some energetic force that gives us the ability to move, think, feel and so much more. This energy that animates us and gives us the power to act on our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, also carries with it a responsibility that I fear many have forgotten or were never made aware of in the first place. We have the freedom and choice to do as we will with our energy. So, how do you use your energy? What kind of change are you committed to supporting with your energy in this new year? It matters. You're thoughts, feelings and beliefs matter so maybe take a look at them this year to see if they are accurate and pointing you in the direction you want to go in. For me, I'm setting my energy and intention toward balance in all things. Including you. Blessings for the new year!

Now, I invite you to join me for a vibrational healing. Allow the Crystal Bowls to soothe you into a peaceful place the gong to wash away the stress and tension of this time. Feel restored and full of gratitude. Each of these sound healings is created with the intention for healing in this time of uncertainty. There is an opening guided meditation to address some aspect of support for you. Then each of the seven chakra bowls will be played one at a time to give your system a ‘homeopathic’ dose of the vibration to attune to. Then I’ll use the bowls and my voice to encourage vibrational balance and release from within you. After this, I’ll play the beautiful Tibetan gong to wash away, soothe away residual energies. Use the time during the sound healing to breathe deeply and with intention, ask questions and listen within for the answers. Tune in to your inner world and cultivate peace. The sound healing will end with the angelic Koshi chimes.

It is recommended that you listen with headphones to get the optimal binaural effect. The reason I don’t do live stream of my sound healings is because the microphone I use cannot stream live. It can only record. And it records such phenomenal detail.

For those of you who have experienced the healing power of sound to heal the body, you know how effective and relaxing they can be. For those of you who haven’t experienced it yet, give it a try! This is a great opportunity to explore this amazing modality. Please share this with any friends and family you feel would benefit from this therapy.

I would love to hear what you think or how the sound healings have affected you. Sharing your story can help others to find their way to healing. If you want to leave a review, you can go to my website under Testimonials or email me at

In addition to my sound healings, I see clients individually. For more information, follow the link to my website. There is no cost for this sound healing, though I will gratefully accept any free-will donations via paypal Any questions, email me directly at Namaste For more information, go to Follow us on Facebook at

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