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Why Heal the Chakras?

When things are out of alignment, in anything, in our office, in our house, in our relationships, it can be difficult to navigate, to think clearly, to make good decisions. And it is the decisions that we make every day, every moment, that comprise the substance of our lives. Wouldn’t everyone like to be clear on who they are, what they are doing here, how to move forward for the best possible future?

Coming into alignment is a several-fold endeavor. We need to look at where we have come from, the influences in our past, the modeling we had in our childhood that creates the framework of our reality now. Sometimes we are aware of influences and we are able to make a choice, as in a child of an alcoholic who decides to NEVER drink alcohol. But some influences are not in our conscious awareness, yet they still have the power, like an utter in the water, to steer and guide our lives, sometimes to places we don’t want to be but mysteriously find ourselves in again and again.

Another truly indispensable skill to cultivate is learning to perceive and understand our own inner guidance system. Of course you will be confused if you are listening to voices outside of yourself telling you what to do, because there are so many voices outside of you and each of them may have a different agenda, a different idea of what is right. The fact is, there is only one you. And you may not feel like it, but whether you do or not, the fact remains that you are the ONLY person responsible for you. Rich, poor, healthy, ill, doesn’t matter and may not seem fair. You came into this world as an individual soul and you will leave this world at some point and it will be your experience alone. This may terrify some people, and if we can allow ourselves to remain present with that fear, we WILL find liberation.

We also have the opportunity to really sink in to where do we WANT to be? There is infinite power in cultivating our INTENTION. We may think we want to sit and play video games and get paid tons of money, but the reality is we are much healthier, happier and whole when we engage in the things that are RIGHT for EACH of US. That means something that is right for me may not be right for you and vice-versa. By truly knowing ourselves we can discern between the EGO wants, like the video games and cookies, and the SOUL desires, which will inevitably lead toward the path of your RIGHT future.

Whether you call them chakras or energy wheels, or just consider them to be new-age fluff-n-stuff, the foundation of the chakra system has merit and the ability to bring awareness to the aspects of our lives that influence us, both consciously and unconsciously. Once we are aware of our influences, cultivate the ability to tune into our own guidance system and begin to tune in to what we want to create, we are able to make the choices that are the best choice for US. And the beauty is the choices that come from this place of knowing are usually good for us and for everyone. It is a magical syncronicity.

I recommend releasing any ideas of a magic pill or one-and-done healing experience and begin to see this process and your life as one long, beautiful, challenging healing journey. Look around…we have a lot to heal from. But the healing we do now benefits those who come after us. It is a gift to ourselves to live a fuller, more meaning-full life and it is also a gift to others around us in our experience now and to future generations. And a fabulous benefit of doing this work is that it without fail opens up the magic of this life to us. You are ready, you are strong, you are HERE.

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